Vintage Karting

1 Preamble

a) The Class of Vintage Karting is to preserve, promote, monitor, co-ordinate and regulate vintage and historic Karting and its

related activity.

b) A Vintage Kart is as defined in these Rules

c) Racing of Vintage Karts is strictly forbidden.

2 Licences

a) The Minimum licence requirement for Vintage Karting is a KA Vintage licence

b) A Driver is permitted to participate in practice, single or multi kart a parade,, and multi-Kkart demonstration and

time trials only.

c) The Minimum age of a Driver to be eligible to drive a Kart is fifteen (15) years old.

d) All licences issued must comply with these Rules.

e) A Medical Certificate in the form approved by the National Medical Officer is required for all Drivers 60 years of age and over.

3 Application for a KA Vintage Licence

a) Refer to Competition Rules – Competition Licences.

4 Kart Registration

a) Vintage Kart registration is granted by the KA Vintage Committee (VC). All Karts must be registered with the NVC and

show their registration sticker to be eligible for Practice, Parade/s, Demonstration/s and Time Trial/s on a Track.

b) Once registered, a Vintage Kart will be issued with a registration sticker. This is to be affixed to the Vintage Kart at all times as

proof of registration. Contact your State Vintage Club Secretary for registration.

c) The owner of a Vintage Kart must be a member of a Club or Vintage Club (“Vintage Kart Member”) before applying for

registration of a Vintage Kart.

d) Once registered, a Vintage Kart will be issued a log book in accordance with these Rules.

e) Kart registration only remains valid whilst the owner remains a Vintage Kart Member.

f) The NVC will issues stickers annually to Vintage Kart Members that displaying the year of registration of the Kart

(Vintage Stickers).

g) Vintage Sstickers must be attached to the registered Vintage Kart and applicable Vintage Kart’s log book, indicating the

Vintage Kart’s owner is a current Vintage Kart Member and has not been issued with any penalty.

h) To be eligible for registration, a Vintage Kart must be either an original, an original restoration or a faithful replica. Three

photographs (front, side and rear) must accompany the registration application.

i) The Vintage Kart can only be driven on any Track if specifications and appearance match the issued log book.

j) The following fees shall apply to the registration and transfer of Vintage Karts:

· Registration (one time only) - $25.00 per Kart for each of the first four (4) Karts registered by a Vintage Kart


· Registration (one time only) - $15.00 per Kart for all subsequent Karts belonging to the same Vintage Kart Member;

· Transfer - $25.00 per Kart.

5 Kart Log Book

a) All Vintage Karts must be accompanied by an NVC issued Log Book. This log book is to be available as proof of registration for scrutineering and operation on a Track.

b) Log Books will be issued by the NVC upon completion of registration.

c) The Log Book will clearly identify the Vintage Kart, including the registration number and records the Model, Year and Relevant

Class or Classes of the Vintage Kart.

d) The log book must contain at least three (3) photo’s showing front, rear and side views of the Vintage Kart. Photos must be

clear enough to identify the features of the Vintage Kart.

e) Any alterations to the Kart should be in keeping with the original log book specifications. In the case of motor substitution, the alternate motor must be complaint with the era listed in the log book and with the Rules.

f) When a Vintage Kart changes ownership, the current logbook will be transferred for registration with the VC to the new owner

strictly on the basis that the new owner is a Vintage Kart Member.

6 Vintage Events,

The following types of event may be conducted for Vintage Karts as a

component of any Event or as individual components of a stand-alone Vintage Karting Event:

(i) Practice session in preparation for a Parade, Multi-kart Demonstration and/or Time Trial.

· The Practice must be included in the Supplementary Regulations.

(ii) Parade

A parade is a display of a either a single kart or group of karts at a moderate speed. The following conditions apply:

· A kart designated by the Clerk of the Course as the Pace Kart shall lead the Parade so as to control the

pace of the Karts on the Track.

· Overtaking is strictly forbidden;

· The Parade must be included in the Supplementary Regulations.

(iii) Multi-Kart Demonstration

A Demonstration is a display of a Vintage Kart’s performance. The following conditions apply:

· All normal Officials and services required for Competition in accordance with these Rules must be provided;

· Karts must grid up, fastest karts to front, slowest to rear, in their Class and era when leaving the grid.

· Drivers of vintage karts wishing to show the full potential of their kart in a demonstration must do so in a safe manner

and in accordance with the Rules and only after 2 warm-up laps of the Track have been completed.

· A start signal will not be given as racing is strictly prohibited.

· Overtaking is permitted only in designated areas of the Track that will be indicated by marker cones and blue

flags/lights and then only when it is safe to do so.

· There will be no overtaking at high speed. The onus rests at all times with the overtaking Driver to drive their kart in a

safe manner having due regard for the conditions and any difference in speed between the Vintage Karts on the


· The number of karts on the circuit will be 70% of the Circuit’s licenced capacity;

· Timing is forbidden; and

· The demonstration must be included in the Supplementary Regulations.

(iii) Time Trial

An Event in which a Competitor is timed for two (2) laps.

· Each Competitor will complete one (1) warm-up lap immediately followed by two (2) timed laps and one (1) cool

down lap.

· All normal Officials and services required for Competition in accordance with these Rules must be provided;

· The maximum number of karts on the Track at any one time will be two (2)

a) A Vintage karting Meeting of National or International significance must be designated as either a National Meeting or an

International Meeting in accordance with these Rules

b) An Organising Club is to submit an application for an Organising Permit in accordance with these Rules to their SKC for the

conduct of a Vintage Meeting.

c) The Organising Club must submit the Supplementary Regulations in accordance with the Rules, clearly identifying all of the

types of Events to be conducted at the Meeting to their SKC for approval and the issuing of an Organising Permit.

d) All Drivers must be licenced in accordance with these Rules.

e) Drivers who have no previous Kart driving experience must start at the rear of any Field.

f) Drivers must at all times wear the Apparel as defined in Technical Rules - Apparel, except in a to single-kart Parade, where

period-correct clothing may be worn.

g) Only Vintage Karts displaying a current Vintage Sticker may participate in Vintage Events,

Practice, Parades, Demonstrations and Time Trials

j) Dangerous or unsporting driving is strictly prohibited and may result in Exclusion from the Event or the Meeting.

(i) If during any Vintage Karting session a Driver is found by the Stewards of the Meeting and/or the Clerk of the Course to

be driving in a dangerous or unsporting manner or rRacing by the Stewards of the Meeting and/or the Clerk of the

Course a black and white diagonal flag and their race number will be displayed this will be the first and only warning to

the Driver during the Meeting,

(ii) If a Driver is found to be driving in a dangerous or unsporting manner for a second time during the Meeting, if a black flag

and their race number will be displayed. The Driver must return to the in Grid within the lap it is shown and you will be

Excluded from the remainder of the Meeting.

k) The Stewards of the Meeting/Clerk of the Course will be Judges of Fact in the determination of dangerous and unsporting


7 Scrutineering

a) All Vintage Karts are required to pass scrutineering in accordance with these Rules.

b) Log books for Vintage/Historic Karts must be carried at all times and be made available for inspection by the relevant Official

when requested at a Meeting.

8 Recognised Classes and Eras

a) Karts and Engines

(i) Era 1: Pre 1963 2:- Historic

(ii) Era 2: 1963 - 1969: - Vintage

(iii) Era 3: 1970 - 1980: - Classic (pre side pod Karts)

(iv) Era 4: 1981 - 1991: - Post-Classic Karts

(v) Era 5: 1992 –- 2000: - Modern Classic Kart.

b) Karts and Engines must strictly comply with their correct Era.

(i) To be eligible for registration as a Vintage Kart, a Kart/ Class/Engine must have been removed from the general AKA

Rules for a minimum of 15 years.

(i)(ii) The criteria for determination for the correct Era shall be determined by the VC registration panel. The newest component,

being either the Kart or the Engine, shall determine the Era of registration.

9 Tyres

a) Tyres shall be of similar size, profile and equivalent compound as originally raced.

b) Tyres for all Classes will be as provided for in the relevant AKA Rules for the year of the Kart.

c) For Cclassic, Post Classic, Modern Classic and Super engine Classes the default Tyre shall be of SL type.

10 Push Start Kart

a) A push start kart may be used in the in grid in accordance with the directions of the Officials.



These Rules may be contained within the Supplementary Regulations for any general Meeting or issued as a separate document,

but in either case must be approved by the KA State Association in which State the Event is to be held.

1. Organisers

Insert here the name and address and phone numbers of the organising Club.

2. Date and Place of Meeting

Insert the date(s) of the Meeting and the name and address of the circuit. At some circuits it may also be necessary to specify

the specific Track to be used and the direction of racing.

3. Vintage Scrutineer/s / Appointed Official

At all Meetings at least one suitably qualified NVC appointed Official will be nominated to assist the general Meeting Officials

with scrutineering and while Karts are in operation.

4. Timetable

Close of entry


Official demonstration only

Separate Vintage Kart Drivers Briefing

5. Insurance

Insurance has been affected for this Meeting in accordance with the Rules.