Various documents of information on motors from the past


VICTA a downloadable PDF by Glen Gray on rebuilding a tuned 50 year old Victa

YAMAHAS a page of rotary valve Yamahas

Very special DAP T80s modfiied by John Humphries. A great example of home grown ingenuity. They also have anotable history in the hands of Brian Hunter.


PDF documents - right click and select "Save link as" or "Save target as"

"Owners Guide to Rebuilding the Current Rotary and Reed Engine". Articles from the 1980 Australian Kart Report 


Parilla TT25 from  Australian Kart Report


Various engine articles including DAP, Rotax, TKM, TG14 & Yamaha from Australian Kart Report


Preparation of Mickey Allen's SIRIO


Info on DAP, BM and PCR motors form the 80s provided by Bob Uhlhorn at Australian Gokart Spares


Komet K88 specification. Also useful for K77 and K78.


Some history and info on the Parilla SS20 


Homologation specs for Parilla TT22 and Parilla TT25


Details of various BM motors provided by Chris Arnold who races as BM/BM in the UK


TKM article


Komet K80 article


TILLOTSON - Graeme Sutton had provided some info sheets on the different Tillotson Carbs


Build a McCulloch kart motor from a chainsaw engine

Part 1, Part 2


Editable Documents

Documents in Word format.

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Parilla Pistons :- Information and advice when fitting new 48 series pistons 



Engine info on Retro Racer site

Italian site

Lots of McCulloch information on MacBobAust 

USA McCulloch site  

The IAME History site with lots of photos of their motors

Rebuilding a McCulloch Mac 8