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Links to websites of interest to the Vintage Karter

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Vintage Karting

Vintage Karting Archives is a new website. Based in the USA, but with a very International flavour. Certainly worth a look!

Grand Opening Friday, December 12th, at 9 a.m. EST

Rear Engine American Racers. One the original Vintage Karts sites. This is for the Rear Purist. Lots of great info and a really good Forum. Certainly worth a look!

Home of the Vintage Karting Association of the USA. Lots of good info and an active Forum. Certainly worth a look! Harm Schuurman's Vintage Kart Collection in Germany.
British Historic Kart Club

British Historic Kart Club. A great place to start researching that European Kart you have to restore...

Vintage Kart Parts and Resources Sites

AZUSA Engineering

Azusa Engineering. A great source of parts. Australian agent is Graham Powles.

Perfrormance Metals Looking for the raw materials to rebuild that Vintage Kart frame or are you wishing to build a replica? Give Perfmance Metals a call.... they have really great prices on Mild Steel and Chrome moly Tubing in all those hard to get sizes!
Karts and Parts Karts and is a really good sources of bits pieces. Mac Motor part and some European Motors as well!
AGS MOTORSPORT Parts for historic karts and engines including pistons for many Italian motors.

Klassic Kart Club Deutschland