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This page contains examples and adverts of Australian Karts.

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Ashford Karts were made and sold by John Watts of Hurstville

Ashford Kart, Complete with Victa in original condition.

Dragon Kart. Superlight construction specifically for A Super Class

The Krest Kart was built in Brisbane by Neil Osbourne. The only photo available is of Neil beside his kart powered by twin Villeirs 7F. The number built is not known.

1966 MkIII Tri-Mec. Characterised by Box Mount Rear Axle

1966 MkIII Tri-Mec, complete with MC91

1964 Massie Escort. Designed and manufactured by Reg Massie in Newcastle

1964 Massie Escort. Purchased new as a partially assembled frame

Early Prototype Massie Kart. Reg Massie constructed his own wheel hubs, sprocket carrier and brake drum.

Murray Kart, be it a little rusty...

Carlson "Aussie" Kart. Influenced by the more expensive GK800 from the USA.

The Shawbuck Sprite was designed and built in Brisbane bt Bill Shaw and Phil Buckley. Some Shawbucks were built on consignment by Neil Osborne. The kart was considered well designed and it performed well on the track. The kart in the photo is Victa powered. The number built is not known.

Victa Sports Kart

Victa Sports Kart. Completely Australian: frame, engine, wheels and tyres

Victa Sports Kart

Sams Kart

Sams Kart rear

Click the photo to see a brochure for Techtron karts from WA

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Alvin Kart


HKS Karts

Moab, Utah

Near Silverton, CO

Canyonlands National Park, UT

Falls In Southern Utah

Colorado's State Flower

Moab, Utah

Near Silverton, CO

Canyonlands National Park, UT