Karts requiring identification

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Owen Grace would like to know maker, model and age of this chassis before he starts restoration. Tubing seems to be around 1 1/4" and the axle with kart is 1". Wheels are Zip cast 2 piece. Wheel base is 1030mm

It is not a Demon although the shape is similar. One thought is that it was built by Michael Donaldson and was called Go-Cat or similar

Robert Morton passed the following information There were a few people in Melbourne manufacture a kart this shape, one was called a TALBOT KART made by Glen Krittling and his father who may also have been involved with Michael Donason and later produced a kart called BOS KART which was very simualar to a DINO. The other was an INTRUDER KART made by Tony DeLossa. Given the tube is imperial it could have been made by Tony DeLossa

He cant find a pick of any frame with this type of stub axle and the pedal pivots mounted where these are on the same frame ??

Distinctive waisting

Fortunately it has not been butchered too much

Don TOMICH from Perth recons it is the next model to this one, with a "Glass" seat instead of the upholstered one??

IS THIS A DAP? Gray CHANDLER want's to Know ... NO it is a DEMON or DPE A6, which was suggested by our own Don Tomich, and confirmed by DPE who commented that they used DAP parts to complete their karts in those days, Great dectective work Guys.

A Yamaha? From Where? Obviously a rotary valve, BUT Other Specs?

Any information greatly recieved.

Colorado's State Flower

WHAT IS IT? (November 2009)

Gotta Be a very early Sidewinder of some sort?

Hydraulick Brake?

Either an AUSSIE KART or a GO-KART 800 ?

Moab, Utah

(FEBRUARY 2010) Gray CHANDLER sent this in for identification.

Any Thoughts??

Brakes look "LeHane" ?? That would make it Australian??

VHKA Secretary Glenn GRAY asks "WHAT IS IT?"

A Distinctive PANEL?

Who's Brake system ?

Looks Like -------- ??

Is that an AXLE CLUTCH ??

91 series McCullock ??