The Iconic ORAN PARK, For many years Sydneys main Karting Venue is about to be de comissioned!!

This page will be dedicated to any photos or details about the place that is to be lost forever, ORAN PARK KARTING RACEWAY.  At the end of this year 2009 the last events will be held, and then the place closed, and dismantled. Any memrobillia, that records the success of this venue, will be greatly appreciated.

Top to Bottom, Around the corner origonally "ROTHMANS" now "KONICA" .... The bridge Exit ..... The climb onto the bridge.

What will you remember about ORAN PARK? I am sure that whatever it is, you will always remember "THE BRIDGE"

The Home of the SYDNEY KART RACING CLUB, for all these years.

Many famous event took place at the Venue. (Article supplied by Tony Taylor)

The 1980 State titles were Just one of the major success stories in the life of the circuit.

The track has seen many major events conducted by the Sydney Kart Racing Club

Just get some of the names, INGALL ! SEATON ! DELL ! JUDD ! HEATH ! etc etc.

1980 ? 90 Entries? 3 Classes ? $10,000 Prize money ? You have got to be kidding ????

John Pizzaro ? Drew Price ? Marlene Dean ? etc etc. They were all there.

JUNIORS ? Russell Becker ! Glen Seaton ! Darren Sailard !! Memories??

Paul ARDILL, Noel JUDD, Great racers from the past but neither made it to the Podium !!

And Don McLEAN finally gave his many times National title winning McCullocks a miss and put his DAP / DAP combination into 3rd spot.

1983 NATIONALS AT ORAN PARK. Who else but the great John P, with Russell Ingall, Drew Price, and many more drivers of the day.

Go the TWINS!! ............ and David Van Schaik put a Yamaha J in 9th spot on an otherwise McCullock Grid?

Russell BECKER Unbeatable, Noel JUDD Qualified 2nd, But did not feature in the end result.

Next time you Buy a Hamburger in the Sydney Kart Racing canteen just smile at the cook, Bob Watton, who placed 2nd in the 1983 Nationals!

And what did they Use?? ..... Note Geoff Jacobs (Tasmania) won the 200 supers


THE VERY LAST AT ORAN PARK........ Vintage Karts are on the Menu!!





Ross and the Victa Again.

The Oran Park GRID.

The Origonal YAMAHA

Absolutley Origonal, as it came to Australia all those years ago.

Trevor BEETHAM Giving Ross the HURRY UP!!

Noel JUDD and John HORSBUROUGH were at it all day!!

John and Noel Swapped places many times to the delight of the Crowd.