Even More Old Motors, are coming out of the cupboards!! ANY MORE??

The very Basis of the Sport in our early Days.

The much developed HURRICANE MOTOR.

Came in two sizes 125cc "B Class" and 154cc "C Class"

Do you like the exposed transfer ports?

The Great MERMAID Motor from our early days.

These Motors are the actual motors that Norm Chipperfield used to win the very first Australian Championship.

in standard form about 14 + HP @ 6000 RPM ?

The source of the 170cc Konig.

Enjoy the photos of a motor that was a legend from our past.

Another Victa from Hell?

NO Not a Victa, Ross Chipperfield reports that it was actually an old HURRICANE, possibly a VICTA Head?

Ross has now cleared this one up a bit, Hurricane Crankcase, Victa Barrel, Head is one that was seen on Racing models of the BSA Bantam (Geez! Remember them?) not sure if it was a factory head or one made locally?

With out doubt this is Kartings very first Rotary Valve Motor!

The "unglorious" Pope 125cc!!!!

Note the length of the FUEL Track from the Carby! ...... It needed a road map to get there??

Moab, Utah

Near Silverton, CO

Canyonlands National Park, UT