The VICTA Go-Kart, both Kart and Motor were the backbone of Australian Karting for many years

Born out of a need for a place in the great sport of ours, VICTA the Australian Icon Lawn Mower commissioned Mr. Ray Barwick, Father of current member Graeme Barwick, to develop the now famous Victa Tiger Go-Kart Engine, and in time a complete Kart package. At the time the Victa name became an integeral part of our sport and to-day offers many great examples of our past.

To add to the involvment of our excisting members, and in particular our Secretary Mr. Glenn Gray, whose trusty Victa Special has been with us from the Start, we felt a need to create a special VICTA Page.

And to start with, A Real Genuine Complete Victa outfit!!!!!!

Well this is it!

A genuine VICTA, Frame, Motor and All.

Recovered and now owned by Mr. Graem Barwick who is the son of the origonal Developer Ray Barwick.

The famous "Arm Burner" Megaphone was a pure VICTA find.

Genuine JAGA Wheels, and the overall detail was very good for the time.

The rear frame is an "After" addition that will be removed.

Just keep watching Graeme is keen to get this one to-gether, and we will keep you all updated..

Another FREE Second Hand, Vintage spark plug for information on this one!

Simon Gray has been at it again!!!!

What Motor? gotta be a bet on a VICTA?

That Axle tube and the steering wheel give it away I recon?

Wheels and Tyres seem OK?

Genuine JAGA Wheels, and slick tyres! 1960?

A proud Graeme Barwick with the finished Project.

A lot of work just to get here.

And the paint Job Complete.

This IS the Victa from above photos.

Almost New !!!

The origonal VICTA, Ready to go back to-gether.

All dripping with newness, and Chrome.

The origonal "ARM BURNER"

Absolutley Origonal.

One of the "GREATS" of it's day.

Every detail completely restored to origonal.

A project worthy of the effort, WELL DONE Graeme!

Another VICTA, from David Freeburn

David is a new member

And is doing a great Job.