Six Wheeled Karts


In the 70's - inspired by the Tyrrell 6 wheeler F1 car - there were a few 6 wheeled karts built.

In Australia the most famous 6 wheeler is the "Bill Wallace Special" built and raced by Bill in the late 70's

The kart was first run at the Victorian State Titles at Brooklyn in 1977 where it qualified on pole and won a couple of heats but teething problem meant a couple of DNF's

Based from a DPE chassis from the steering hoop back is a Mk1 Ace and the front is unique. Some of the fabrication was done by Graeme Blanchard to Bill's design. It was run with a variety of engine including Parilla TT22/25, Manx100 and Corsair (DAP) T70 in Inter Light

There was some sponsorship from Air Tasmania and the kart was shipped there and run on several occassions.

The kart has been restored and still makes appearances at some historic events in the hands of Graham Powles

In Qld Jack & Brad Parker built this 6 wheeler.

Fast on the straights but a handful on the corners

Unfortunately it is no more. It was cut up and disposed of.

Tony Karts experimented with 4 wheels at the front or at the back

Dino also experimented with 6 wheelers

An American C-Open with 2 B-Bombs and 6 wheels

A laydown enduro 6 wheeler