Twin Engined Karts from days gone by

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Some of the twin engined "beasts". 

Any information on these karts or more photos - especially originals from their racing days - would be welcome.


Built by Peter Fredericks and Jack & Brad Parker of the Queensland Kart Centre

Very fast on the straights but apparently a handful on the corners

Twin Komet K55 reeds. Unfortunately the kart is no more. It was cut up and thrown away.

Greg Brewer's first twin was a Bug Black Widow with 2x Komet K55 reeds.

This combo was quick enough to qualify and finish 3rd in either the 1981 or 1982 Victorian Open Championships - can anyone confirm the exact year, behind Alan Brown (Blow/ 2 x Parilla Rotaries) Doc Pearson (Demon/ 2 x DAP Rotaries)

Current whereabouts is unknown

Demon X 2x DAP TT74.

Greg moved on to a Demon X with DAP motors

Twin DAP T72s

Greg does not know where the Demon is either so he has started work on recreating it.

The Demon in the Sweeper at Brooklyn

Brooklyn heading on to the main straight in the Demon D2 DAP TT72 Combo

The Ray Morris Go-Kart 800 that ran 2nd in the very first Australian National Titles

Twin Mac 10 power on the Go-Kart 800

HKS - Twin Mac 91As. Owned by John Schofield (Tasmania). Kart is as raced 30 years ago

Brian Hunter 1978 National 200 cc Super Champion ( Bug Wasp / Corsair Rotarys)

Peter Robotham Excell twin, 2x Parrilla tt25 Jubillie engines at Geelong. Note the stub axle setup and whirly visor for the rain.

Noel & Brian Hunter racing in America

Brian Hunter practicing for Hong Kong in one of his many twins

Brian Hunter again with the Bug / T80s

Robert and Brian Hunter Bug / 2 x Komet K88s

Stephen Moxon - DAP W101 / DAP T90s - Lithgow 1979 or 80. Stephen is currently restoring this kart

Max Laybutt's English built Blow with Komet K88s

As raced at Lithgow, Canberra, and a major meeting at Brooklyn Victoria. Engine mods by Max King

Allan BROWN,, with Mark McKEDDIE right behind at BROOKLYN in 82 or 83

Mark McKeddie still runs his Demon / Parillas in vintage events

Thanks to Robert Morton for some photos of early twins

Broadmeadows Drive In, Melbourne 1959

Bob Morton in a Lukey Kart

Twin Mac motors on the Lukey Kart